Average Free Live

What we’ve done so far

In February 2016, we removed the Average clause from our core SME product range. This means policyholders who find themselves underinsured will have their claim met up to the full sums insured level – we will not reduce the claim by applying Average.

Average Free Live

We’ve launched Average Free Live at point-of-quote. Using data sources to capture property dimensions, we can highlight if sums insured are out of line for a trade and area. Your journey through QuoteSME now includes a new page for risks that appear below these values.

How does this benefit you?

Over the past couple of years we’ve research and developed a unique database that you and your customers will now be able to benefit from.

In our latest data initiative, we’ll share at point-of-quote when a case falls outside of the typical range for a risk in a given trade and area, prompting a conversation between you and your customers to ensure they have adequate cover improving service and expertise to your customers.

Why have we done this?

Following the FCA's Thematic Review, which revealed 40% of SMEs could be underinsured; we've taken this customer focused step of dealing with underinsurance to help provide peace-of-mind for you and your customers.

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